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Positive reviews/critiques/descriptions of your images in packages of 10 images per $150.00.

Artists often have trouble finding the right words to describe their work. They are visual people and are very articulate pictorially with a highly developed visual vocabulary. Because of their advanced visual ability, their verbal skills are often not equal to the task of explaining their work. They often believe that their work should stand on its own without any need for an explanation.

The average person on the street, however, needs to have a few verbal cues to help them understand what is going on. The right words, in the right place, at the right time can have a powerful impact on your prospective collectors imagination.

Images of your artwork are important and necessary, but words matter too. Let us find the right words to describe your artwork and weave them together into a compelling story that captures the imagination of your fans and converts prospects into collectors of your work

We will help you write your biography, artist’s statement and critique your images with a positive review to caption each image.