Why Artists Need a Website

Let’s face facts. Marketing your own art is hard. It’s a challenge even figuring out where to start. Most artists are self deprecating souls and feel self conscious about promoting their own work. This is a very charming trait, but an obvious obstacle. If nobody can find your art, how are they going to buy it? Marketing is a fundamental requirement if you want to make a career for yourself as a fine artist. Either you need to do it … Continue reading →

Words Matter

Artists often have trouble finding the right words to describe their work. They are visual people and are very articulate pictorially with a highly developed visual vocabulary. Because of their advanced visual ability, their verbal skills are often not equal to the task of explaining their work. They often believe that their work should stand on its own without any need for an explanation. The average person on the street, however, needs to have a few verbal cues to help … Continue reading →

Print Sales

A very beautiful and easy way to promote your career is to sell inexpensive prints of your originals. The online world makes this so easy to do that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. Let us set you up to do this and integrate a print store into your website. We know a great fulfillment company who will print, frame and ship your prints and collect the payment from your customers and deposit your markup … Continue reading →

Social Media

How should the new phenomenon of social media fit into your marketing mix? There are a number of differing opinions on the benefits of social media in promoting artists careers. Certainly, there are some artists who are wildly successful using social media, but it requires a lot of work. Not all artists have the time or inclination to focus on developing a following on Facebook or Twitter. Emerging artists should spend most of their effort trying to find a gallery … Continue reading →